Avoiding Lawyer Burnout

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Life XT Partnered with Seyfarth Shaw to Keep Lawyer Burnout at Bay.

"The implementation of LIFE XT has translated into immediate results for Seyfarth"


Since launch, firm participants have reported:

  • 91% satisfaction rate
  • 23% increase in wellbeing
  • 23% increase in focus
  • 17% increase in productivity
  • 17% increase in emotional health.

"With double-digit improvements across the board, we’re extremely encouraged by the results we’ve seen and we’re excited to expand this program."

Laura Maechtlen
Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Making the Business Case for Law Firms to Address Lawyer Well-Being: An Interview with Dr. Nate Klemp, LIFE XT Co-Founder

By Gregg Wirth, Legal Executive Institute, January 7th, 2019

Well-being and mental and psychological resiliency among lawyers has become an increasingly important part of the long-term success of a legal organization or law firm. Lawyers and their staff produce best when they are relatively stress-free, less fearful, and are less inclined towards addictive abuse of drugs or alcohol. But in an atmosphere of success-at-all-costs and giving 110%, how do law firms get there?


Four Strategies for Building the Habit of Lasting Resilience in the Legal Profession

ABA Journal - January 3rd, 2019

About the Authors 

Lee Miller is chair emeritus of DLA Piper and board director at Abundant Venture Partners. He is a former member of the DLA Piper Global Board and the US Executive Committee. Miller was one of the principal forces behind the national and international expansion of DLA Piper over the last two and a half decades.

Dr. Nate Klemp is the co-founder and chief innovation officer at Life Cross Training (LIFE XT), a company devoted to giving professionals the tools to train resilience, well-being and peak performance. Along with Eric Langshur, he is the co-author of Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Well-Being.



Start Here: Take the First Steps To Drive Well-Being In Law


Hosted by New York Times Bestselling Author & Co-Founder of LIFE XT, Dr. Nate Klemp, PhD 

Executive Summary of Expert Panel Discussion 


"Leveraging Resilience to Drive Productivity in Law"

Executive Summary of the Expert Panel Discussion hosted by LIFE XT on October 10th, 2018.  Panelists discussed the meaning of resilience and why it is crucial to develop, especially as a lawyer. 

Moderator & Expert Panelists:  Jan Anne Dubin (CEO & Founder, Jan Anne Dubin Consulting);  William M. McErlean (Chairperson Litigation Department, Barnes & Thornburg);  Brett Bartlett (Partner, Seyfarth Shaw);  William A. Rudnick (Partner, DLA Piper);  Lee I. Miller (Co-Chair, Abundant Venture Partners);  Lakshmi Halasyamani, MD (Chief Quality Transformation Officer, NorthShore University HealthSystem);  David Betts (Principal, Deloitte Consulting) 

Avoid lawyer burnout outlined in the ABA Wellbeing Pledge

The American Bar Association has launched a well-being pledge to encourage law firms to take action in addressing mental health among lawyers. Contact LIFE XT now for help achieving your pledge goals!


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