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What Clients Are Saying About LifeXT


LifeXT at Global Law Firm Seyfarth Shaw

The Challenge

Enhance attorney resilience at leading global law firm Seyfarth Shaw. Seyfarth sought a time-efficient, validated, and measurable way to increase the focus, productivity, and engagement of their attorneys.

XT Objective  

Roll out a customized program that blended the LifeXT Human Performance Assessment, digital content, and one-on-one personalized coaching to partners and associates.  


The implementation of LifeXT translated to immediate results for Seyfarth.  Since the launch, firm participants have reported:

  • 91% satisfaction rate
  • 23% increase in wellbeing
  • 23% increase in focus
  • 17% increase in productivity

“With double-digit improvements across the board, we’re extremely encouraged by the results we’ve seen and we’re excited to expand this program,” said Seyfarth partner Laura Maechtlen, a co-leader of the firm’s SeyfarthLife program. “By promoting resiliency and the highest levels of performance across the organization, we expect these efforts have a long-standing impact on the firm and our people.”

For more, see article in The Chicago Business Journal.

LifeXT at Top Healthcare System Mission Health


The Challenge

50 percent of physicians and nurses report experiencing the symptoms of burnout and emotional exhaustion. Mission Health sought an innovative solution to improve the mental and physical fitness of its clinicians. 

XT Objective  

Create a four-month wellbeing training experience targeted at the specific pressures faced by the clinicians at Mission Health. Program included assessment, digital audio and video content, as well as one-on-one custom coaching.


Participants in the program reported statistically significant improvement in all areas of mental and emotional wellbeing: 

  • 98% program satisfaction
  • 19% increase in workplace performance
  • 22% increase in focus
  • 15% increase in emotional wellbeing

"Our top strategic priority is to continue to make Mission Health a great place to work and practice," said President and CEO Ronald A. Paulus, MD, Mission Health. "We are committed to restoring joy to the practice of medicine. LifeXT has given our physicians, nurses and other team member participants the tools they need to continue the journey to joy and resilience in health care."

For more, read the full article.

LifeXT at Top Five Global Consulting Firm


The Challenge

Enhance resilience, focus, and productivity at one of the world's top five consultancies.  This firm sought to decrease rates of unwanted turnover, while simultaneously giving partners, managers, and associates the tools to work with greater resilience. 

XT Objective  

Identify the cohort of consultants most in need of resilience training and then create a tailored program of digital content and one-on-one coaching to work within the constraints of the busy consultant lifestyle. 


LifeXT's human performance program led to significant and measurable results: 

  • 96% satisfaction rate
  • 91% reported improvements in wellbeing
  • 59% increase in sleep quality
  • 34% increase in mental and emotional wellbeing
  • 24% increase in resilience

Here's what a few of the program participants had to say about LifeXT:

  • "LifeXT brought me back from the brink of burnout."
  • "It's a 180-degree shift"
  • "LifeXT has made a tremendous impact in my mental fitness and improved my resilience to stress."



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