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How I Burned Out – And How Mindfulness Brought Me Back

burnout mindfulness stress Aug 09, 2018

By Nate Klemp, PhD

10 years ago, I lived what appeared to be a perfect life.   I had recently married my high school sweetheart.  I was one year short of completing my PhD.  And I was on the fast track to realizing my dream of becoming a professor of political philosophy.

On paper, everything was perfect.  Marriage – check.  Friends – check.  Long list of academic degrees – check.     

But in my mind, everything was a mess.  The stress of grad school, a recent bike accident, and my own inability to navigate negative thoughts and emotions left me in a state of constant anxiety and unease.


Why Talk About Burnout?

I feel compelled to share this because we now hear so much about the science and statistics of burnout. We know that: 

  • 54% of physicians report symptoms of burnout (Mayo, 2015)
  • 8 in 10 Americans report being afflicted by the symptoms of...
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