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Press Release: Life Cross Training and The Scion Group Announce Large-Scale, Multi-Platform Human Performance Program for Scion Employees

Mar 30, 2018

Life Cross Training is launching a comprehensive employee development experience including one-on-one coaching, 24/7 support through the XT Mobile Platform, and certification of select Scion leaders to drive Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, and Peak Performance.

Life Cross Training (LifeXT), a leading provider of evidence-based human performance training solutions, and The Scion Group, the largest private owner/operator of student housing communities across North America, have entered into a definitive agreement to provide LifeXT’s comprehensive program to over 200 Scion employees throughout the U.S.

“This comprehensive program demonstrates our total commitment to the most valuable component of our business… our people”

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The LifeXT program includes a wide array of delivery approaches including one-on-one web-enabled coaching, onsite group training delivered by Scion employee leaders who will be certified in the LifeXT program, and 24/7 continuous support of employee participants through the LifeXT mobile app. Scion has engaged LifeXT to deliver training including XT ResilienceXT Emotional Intelligence, and XT Peak Performance. “This comprehensive program demonstrates our total commitment to the most valuable component of our business… our people,” said Mitchell Smith, Chief Operating Officer of The Scion Group.

Why Scion Chose Life Cross Training (LifeXT) as a key partner

“The pace and complexity of the student housing sector sets it apart as one of the most demanding sectors in all of real estate. One of the reasons The Scion Group is one of the fastest growing and most successful companies in this space is because we hire the best, most competitive people; and those individuals drive hard every day to deliver industry leading results. Delivering extraordinary value in the midst of such a competitive industry requires us to invest in the ongoing development of our people in a way that allows them to keep pace with the demands of our industry, while also delivering on our organizational goals. We have to make sure development extends to all areas of their health and wellbeing, both in and out of the office, for them to truly be productive, engaged and resilient. We decided to partner with LifeXT because of their scientifically-based and novel approach to delivering highly personalized coaching, engaging digital content, and a comprehensive suite of courses that will support our employees’ development.”

- Mitchell Smith, Chief Operating Officer, The Scion Group

“We built LifeXT to help high performance organizations like Scion invest in their human capital in a totally novel way. We know human performance drives business performance, and our program teaches the essential skills that deliver greater focus, engagement, and overall wellbeing for participants,” said Eric Langshur, Co-Founder of LifeXT and Abundant Venture Partners, a purpose-based, venture-backed incubator dedicated to launching businesses in human performance, wellness, and digital healthcare.

About LifeXT:

LifeXT is a human performance program that provides the necessary tools for increasing resilience to stress and maximizing joy, meaning, and productivity in modern life and coaching to develop and deepen their skills. Visit LifeXT online, on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

About The Scion Group:

Scion is the United States’ largest privately-held owner/operator of student housing communities and a leading advisor to colleges and universities across North America. Scion’s current portfolio includes 90 properties comprising 58,566 beds, plus management of two university-affiliated communities with an additional 2,600 beds. Scion has focused exclusively on the student housing sector since its inception in 1999 and has invested in over $6 billion of student housing projects.

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