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Practicing Compassion - One Email at a Time

Feb 26, 2018

Hi Friends,

A new approach to email:  XTmail.

We spend too much time ‘doing email’. Imagine if we all did our part to declutter everyone’s email inboxes! Sure, email is essential to communication – no argument here. There is a certain magic to immediately contacting and connecting near and far through just keystrokes. But, this convenience comes at a cost. In our zeal to be responsive and polite, ultimately, our emails add to inbox overflow and increase stress levels – becoming more noise in an already loud communication ecosystem. In fact, research shows that 70% of office emails spend only 6 seconds before being read.

What if we changed our behavior and email: What if we saw NOT sending an unnecessary email as an act of effective communication, kindness and compassion.

Imagine if we transformed the ordinary behavior of ‘doing email’ into an act of kindness that spreads love through our work, and ultimately increases wellbeing and productivity.

Here is how we do it! By linking to this page – I am committing to growing wellbeing for all by following these XTmail guidelines.

  • Not sending the email (Can I save it for the next conversation?)
  • Being kind by not simply email “thank you” (It is understood!)
  • Showing thoughtfulness by limiting the cc recipients
  • Keep it short
  • Being sensitive to time of day/day of week that I send emails

Just imagine how this could unfold: less email, more time AND tiny ripples of thoughtfulness will soon help create a world with more compassion and wellbeing. That world is one in which I would want to live.

Join us.

Make a commitment to XTMail by including the footer below in your email signature or by clicking the “Share” buttons to spread the commitments of XTmail:

Read about my approach to email

Our movement keeps growing!

Sources and further reading:
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