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Practicing Compassion - One Email at a Time

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2018

Hi Friends,

A new approach to email:  XTmail.

We spend too much time ‘doing email’. Imagine if we all did our part to declutter everyone’s email inboxes! Sure, email is essential to communication – no argument here. There is a certain magic to immediately contacting and connecting near and far through just keystrokes. But, this convenience comes at a cost. In our zeal to be responsive and polite, ultimately, our emails add to inbox overflow and increase stress levels – becoming more noise in an already loud communication ecosystem. In fact, research shows that 70% of office emails spend only 6 seconds before being read.

What if we changed our behavior and email: What if we saw NOT sending an unnecessary email as an act of effective communication, kindness and compassion.

Imagine if we transformed the ordinary behavior of ‘doing email’ into an act of kindness that spreads love through our work, and ultimately increases wellbeing and...

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